Why Boycott ‘Beauty and the Beast’?

Beauty and the Beast CC

It has been debated whether Christians should boycott secular companies, and one of the most prominent questions Christians ask when this subject is brought up is: “why should we be surprised when secular companies are not acting like Jesus?” The thing is, boycotting isn’t like picketing or protesting, per-se. Really, it’s the consumer’s way of telling a company that they don’t like their product.

When JC Penney was putting up gay pictures in their store and being vocal about their stance on gay marriage, a lot of Christians boycotted them, and guess what? They stopped doing it. The substantial loss of customers they received from the boycott made them realize that what they were doing was a poor decision as far as customers were concerned.

The same thing happened with some other companies, and each one of them realized through the boycott that their customers were displeased with what they were doing. So really, boycotting is just a consumer’s way of letting a company know they don’t appreciate what they’re doing.

If snickers started putting pretzels in their snickers bars, and you were a die-hard snickers fan that didn’t appreciate pretzels in a snickers bar, would you stop buying the snickers bar? Yes, you would (I would anyway). Why? Because you don’t appreciate the changes snickers made to their product and you’re letting them know by your refusal to buy the new product that you don’t like what they’ve done and you want them to revert back to what they were doing.

Obviously I don’t go researching all the companies that do things I don’t agree with and go boycott them, but if a company is being vocal about something I personally don’t agree with, I’m not going to support them. Because I’m letting them know that I don’t like what they’re doing. So boycotting does make a difference.

The thing about boycotting Beauty and the Beast -which I’m all for, by the way- is that this is a PG-rated movie whose target audience is families and children. By putting an “exclusively gay” scene in a movie like that -especially because this is a company renowned for producing family-friendly movies- they are attacking something that is at the core of our beliefs as Christians and that is the sanctity of the family. You take your kids to go see a movie that condones and glorifies the institution of gay marriage, whether you try and explain it away to them or not, that’s going to raise questions and shape their worldview. They’ll figure maybe it isn’t such a bad thing.

That kind of action from a company like Disney is an attack against the family, and to Christians, family is one of the most important institutions. Raising our children up in an environment that honors and glorifies God is important. If we don’t take a stand for what we believe, this kind of thing is going to become increasingly rampant and even more accepted than it is right now. Do we really want our kids to live in a world where this is the kind of content they will find in a children’s movie?

To the creators of the movie, getting their personal message and views out there is less important than profit. If Christians boycott Beauty and the Beast because of what they’re putting in this movie, it will obviously hurt their profits. It will tell them that this isn’t the kind of content we want to see in their movies and let them know that we don’t want them to include this kind of thing in their future products. It’s not us boycotting Disney as a whole, it’s us boycotting this particular product because it is a direct violation of our beliefs and God’s commandments. He destroyed an entire city for violating the sanctity of marriage -an institution established by God Himself- and yet we’re actually considering going and watching something we know openly glorifies this and not doing anything about it?

If you were a parent, is this something you would allow your children to view? Why would we support something like this made by a company that is known for its dependability in creating movies for families? For children? I’ve always been able to trust that anything animated I watch from Disney, or anything they make geared towards children, will be acceptable and safe. But I don’t have that assurance anymore. And by supporting this kind of action by intentionally watching a movie like Beauty and the Beast, I am allowing Disney to think that I -as a consumer- am okay with them including this kind of thing in their movie.

Boycotting done right is a way to express our views and opinions without being openly offensive and giving Christianity a bad name. Boycotting is also a good way to raise awareness for new Christians or Christians that are not aware that a particular thing is in violation of our beliefs that hey, this is wrong and we shouldn’t be doing it.

Yes, we shouldn’t be surprised when our secular culture acts lost and does not honor God, but neither should we support this kind of behavior. There are times when you have to take a stand. If this were just any secular company producing a movie with an “exclusively gay” scene in it, I wouldn’t go watch it anyway, but this is Disney. This is the family-friendly entertainment company. This is like snickers putting pretzels in their candy bars. I don’t like the change to their steady, dependable product, and I’m going to let them know I don’t like it by not going to see it.

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