Snoop Dogg Shoots Trump in Music Video


In a new music video titled BADBADNOTGOOD, rapper Snoop Dogg took a shot at our President, literally.  The video, typical of rap, is laced with profanity and calls for violence.  Due to those factors, I will not be putting the actual video here, nor will I be listing the lyrics.

Toward the beginning, there is a depiction of “Police Brutality”.  That’s not what I take issue with.  The real issue comes when the admonition is given to “f**k the police”.  Shortly thereafter, there is a profanity-laced and slang call to spray them with bullets.  Any reasonable person, black or white, can see that this will only fuel racial tensions.  This is obviously unacceptable.

The video carries on, continuing to spew profanity and depict drug use in a positive way.  Neither of which help the African American Community, but rather harm it.  Not only directly, but indirectly.  The largest consumers of rap are white males aged 16-25. These people are the future managers and co-workers of America, and this type of music only reinforces negative stereotypes.

Toward the end of the video, Snoop Dogg mock assassinates a clown version of President Donald Trump.  Senator Rubio responded to the incident by bringing up the fact that we’ve had four Presidents assassinated.  It is nothing to mess around with.  There is a legitimate way to stand against someone you disagree with, and there is an illegitimate and disrespectful way. Choose the former and you may be listened to.  Choose the latter and your cause is extremely damaged.

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