Some More Common Questions Prolife Individuals are Asked

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This is part 2 in a series of articles on questions for prolife individuals.  For part one, click here.

1. What if the mother is not mentally ready to raise a child?

If the mother is not mentally ready to raise a child, then adoption could be considered.  Sadly, this option is often overlooked, when there are plenty of couples who would love to add a newborn to their family.

Also, with this situation, along with many others, we must focus on being proactive rather than reactive.  People who are not/do not feel mentally ready to raise a child should not become pregnant.  I’m not suggesting that we deprive them of the right.  I’m saying that there should be education in place that teaches abstinence and a culture created that discourages sexual promiscuity.

2. What if the mother is not physically ready to have a child?

If the mother is not physically ready to have a child, as in she is not at the right age or is underdeveloped, then the situation must be handled with care.  There have been several young teenagers who have had children and lived.  It actually used to be culturally acceptable, and even common, for 15-18 year olds to marry and have children at young ages.  The problem is, everybody’s body is different.  If your doctor feels that you are not physically able to have the child, then it is a really tough and personal decision.

Being prolife, we do not want anyone to die, including the mother.  Therefore, all that can be done to save both lives should be done.  When it comes down to it though, it is an incredibly difficult decision for the mother and her family to make.

All that being said, only 0.1% of abortions are performed because the life of the mother is in danger.  Let me put that into perspective.  That is one out of every thousand.  That means 999 out of every thousand abortions are performed for other reasons.

3. What should the punishment be for women who have abortions?

Ideally, none.  Women who seek abortions need to be loved, not punished.  They are hurting, and we need to share the love of Christ with them.  Again, we must be prolife in all areas, not just birth.

So how should abortion be punished?  Well ideally, abortion should become almost unthinkable.  Our goal is to make it so abortion is viewed in the future the same way child sacrifice is viewed now.  Despicable.  That being said, doctors who offer and perform abortions should be prosecuted.  The exact punishment is a question for legal scholars.  Something along the lines of delicensing may be a good place to start though.

4. What if the child is detected to have a disability?  Wouldn’t it be more loving to abort it?

Absolutely not.  That is pure ethnic cleansing and eugenics talk.  We do not eliminate the weakest members of society under any banner, whether love or racial purity.  Try to get the person who asked this question to see it the way you do, to see that every human being is equal.  If the unborn child is equal to the born child, would they still hold the view of “mercy killing”?  Is it “loving” to dismember disabled children?  No!  It is disgusting and cruel.

5. What if the mother does not have the money to have/raise the child?

Several prolife groups offer financial counseling and assistance to mothers who do not have the necessary resources.  Adoption agencies could also be contacted.  Think about it this way: A certain family had six kids.  The parents decided that they did not have enough money to feed them all, so they killed the youngest.  Is that merciful?  Moral?  Just?  No!  There are other options than killing!  That is one of the areas we as prolife individuals need to expand.  We need to grow our resources in order to provide help to people in this situation.

6. You are anti-woman.

This isn’t even a question.  This is a statement.  An attack.  The proper response to this question would be to lovingly explain the following:

Because of recent developments in prenatal research, parents can now know certain traits of their child before he or she is born.  Sadly, many abortions occur because the parents do not like the traits of the child.  What if the parents wanted a boy?  Should they exercise their “right to choose” and abort the child simply because it is a girl?  Even the most pro-abortion individual must recognize that aborting based on gender is cruel and immoral.

We are not fighting against women.  We are fighting for the millions of women who would otherwise be aborted.  We are fighting in remembrance of the millions of little girls who have already been dismembered.  We are fighting for life, all life, regardless of race, gender, mental capacity, sickness, or other differences.

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  1. Regarding point 3 above:

    If you are serious about restoring legal protection to the child in the womb, then there must be a punishment for women who seek and procure abortions. If you restore legal protection to unborn children, but have no penalties for those who seek to kill those children, your legal protection is not going to be effective. Just punishing those “doctors” who are the supply side of the equation will do nothing to reduce the demand side of the problem. The sad fact is that demand will create its own supply, even when it is an illegal activity.

    Liked by 1 person

    • All the laws in the world will never reduce the demand until hearts change. As John Piper says, “New laws do not make new hearts”. The shifting of hearts and minds should be one of our biggest goals, alongside changing laws to restrict access to the slaughtering. The way to the heart is love, not punishment. That is why I take this position, along with the fact that I have met with and discussed it with high up members of prolife organizations. Haha, I know a lot of us disagree on it though! Thanks for the feedback!


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