A Protester’s Guide to Making a Difference


Protesters at the Inauguration.  Not surprised.  What is surprising is their lack of civility.  If you listened to the administering of the Presidential Oath, you may have heard them in the background.  Very ineffective and rude.  The mayor of their own city has legitimately told them, “Stop destroying the city.”  6 officers injured and over 200 arrests with absolutely no results.  So what I’ve decided to do is give them some advice.

  1. Be Civil.  I know you think it’s you against fascism and evil itself, but hold up a second.  Have you ever considered that civility may be the first step to getting what you want done?  I know it’s a crazy idea, but the best changes in our nation’s history happened civilly.  Remember the Civil Rights movement and MLK?  Civility worked!
  2. Look at the facts with an open mind.  It might be shocking, but you’re not always right.  I’m not always right.  None of us are always right.  We all have to be willing to look at the facts as objectively as possible if we want to ever be right.  And just so you know, if you’re protesting for attention and belonging, you really need to reevaluate.
  3. Let’s talk.  Once you’ve done steps one and two, we can talk about a solution.  Congratulations!  If you’ve gotten this far you’re smarter than 99.9% of your fellow protesters!
  4. Finally, if we can’t reach an agreement, then fight by ballot, not by bullying.

That’s it!  It is literally that easy!  Don’t like it?  Then continue as you were, but know that it only hurts your cause.

Fun Fact: If you vandalize and break stuff, normal people won’t naturally flock to your cause.

Disclaimer: I cannot take these protesters seriously, and therefore I could not write a serious article on it without laughing.  I feel their pain, and I feel empathic toward them.  I was upset both times Obama won, but I took the above steps and waited instead of breaking stuff and whining.  A more serious article on the Inauguration coming soon!  Subscribe to be sure not to miss it!


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