The Question

sea horizon
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“Why would a good God allow so much evil?” an older man was once asked.

He put his hand to his chin and looked into the distance, at the green trees and blue sky.  “Come with me,” he told his young companion.  And so they walked through fields of grass, through a patch of trees, and eventually to the edge of a lake.

“You haven’t answered my question yet,” the young man said, almost sounding prideful, as if he had finally stumped the old man.

“That’s because it’s the wrong question,” the older man said as he sat down under the clear blue sky.

“What do you mean?” the young man asked, obviously taken aback.

The old man ran his hand through the grass and took a deep breath of pure air.  “The real question is, why would a holy God allow so much good?”

“What do you mean?  People are dying every day?!  How can you possibly call that good?” the young man picked up a pebble and cast it into the lake.  The old man watched as the ripples hit the shore.

“I call it mercy,” he paused, “It’s not a tragedy that some die.  It’s a miracle that many live.  Every day is God’s.  Every breath is God’s.  Everything is God’s.  Why do we deserve any of it at all?  Especially when we are constantly trying to get more power and outsmart each other without ever noticing the little things.”


“Have you ever witnessed an autumn in the northeast?  Have you ever watched in awe as lightning illuminates the night sky?  Have you ever cherished the sweetness of a strawberry or the refreshing qualities of a watermelon?  Have you ever thanked Him for water on a hot day or warmth on a cold one?  Have you ever run your hand over the bark of a tree or felt the force of a wave as it crashes onto the seashore?  Have you ever watched as a child grows into an adult?  Have you ever smelled the smell of nature?  Have you felt the sensation of your own heart beating?” the old man stopped and waited for a response.


“Or have you considered that God literally imagined the concept of senses?  It was His idea alone.  We feel because of him.  We see because of Him.  We smell because of Him.  We taste because of Him.  We hear because of Him.  It is all His.” the man paused, “Now tell me, how could a holy God allow so much good?”

sea horizon


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  1. The tomato jam is a great idea. We are getting a steady supply of Sun Golds but not any volume to do much with other than fresh eating. I love canned pears. You are right they are a bit of a pain to prepare for processing, but of all the canned fruit – they are our favorite and we never fail to use them all up before the next canning season arrives.


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