Debate: Trump Would be a Good President (Affirmative)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these debates are not necessarily the views of “The Catalyst” or its authors. For debate purposes, grammar and spelling have been left as sent to the authors.

I believe as an American, Donald Trump would make the country United secure, and overall better.
First of all you (B.D.) claim that since trump is into business, he is not meant to be in the White House. Considering that our country is in trillions and trillions of dollars in debt, I think our country would be best served to have someone with a business background as our leader. Millions of Americans are loosing their jobs to foreign countries. I would expect that Donald Trump, who has hired thousands of Americans, would end this thread. When he is president he will create millions of jobs for the American people, and he will also cut our debt.
The next thing I would like to talk about is immigration and the wall. So, I would like to see your sources that prove your point being that Donald Trump plans to blow up Mexico. Also, Donald Trump isn’t banning immigration. He plans to kick out all of the illegal immigrants who are stealing America’s jobs. The wall he plans to build will strengthen the border between the USA and Mexico. The wall he plans to build will hold illegal immigrants in Mexico. Do not get me wrong, I know several Hispanic, African American, Asian, Latino ect. people and they are just as important to me as white people.

Another thing I would like to address is your words “Donald Trump even planned to stop immigrants from coming to the U.S., yet his wife is an immigrant!” The only immigrants that I would stop from coming into the USA would be the one that are from territories that are killing people all around the world, including Americans, through terrorism.

Next, you may be shocked to hear this! Ok are you ready?!?!… There is a way to come into the USA legally. So, I don’t know why you even mention his wife who has greatly contributed to society! I know your probably shocked! It’s ok several people on the Internet are talking down about Donald Trump, when they are not very educated about the topics they are posting. I’m not going to play any games but the majority of our generation has been cloned into uneducated people who will believe anything that the media says.

I know, Donald trump has things to work on ,like his angry comments that come off as racist which he is not. For example, Donald trump may make a speech about illegal immigration, then next thing you know the media publishes articles and videos that are titled falsely. Although he is not the most amazing person ever, I do appreciate how he does notice that our country is being ripped off and innocent Americans are being punished for our own government. It’s sad to think that when our country is getting worse and more dangerous by the minute, our government does nothing but play golf and take vacations!

I could go and and on but I do think Trump would make a great president!

Till next time



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