Debate: Trump Would be a Good President (Negative)

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in these debates are not necessarily the views of “The Catalyst” or its authors. For debate purposes, grammar and spelling have been left as sent to the authors.

Why should Donald J. trump be president?

Donald trump is a business man. And has had a few bankruptcy. Has no political past. And he plans to build a wall on the Mexican boarder. Donald trump even planned to stop immigrants from coming to the U.S. yet his wife is an immigrant! Donald trump would be the worst president in history if he won.
People all over the internet post about Donald J. trump from Vines to face book all say why Donald trump shouldn’t be president.

Many people think Donald trump will win. But others think Donald trump wont win.

Donald trump shouldn’t be president for many reasons. One reason is his boarder idea.

Many think he intends to blow up Mexico while others say a wall. Some people have a good mind thinking about how wrong it will be to blow up Mexico because Donald trump will have the nuclear codes.

All the people I know dislike Donald trump and everyone in my house would rather have the first female president than the first worst president. If you look into Donald trumps past we will all see Donald trump has two ex wife’s and one current wife. Donald trump is a horrible candidate. Promising to stop immigration in the U.S., to build a wall around or blow up Mexico. I interviewed a friend and asked about Donald trump.

For safety reasons I will not use her name.



m: tell me what you think about Donald trump.

f: I don’t think he should even be running for president at all…

M: why do you think that?

f: because he has no past in politics, he intends to stop immigration in the U.S. yet his wife is an immigrant!

m: okay thank you. Now how do you feel about Donald trump?

F:… I don’t think he deserves to be president. At all… he is evil in my eyes!

m: thank you. that’s all I need.

 that’s why Donald trump shouldn’t Be president.

Thank you.



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