Introducing “The Catalyst Debates”

Do you have an opinion that you can back up with solid facts?  Do you think it could stand against an anonymous opponent?  Would you like a way to express your ideas in a safe and entertaining way?

If the answer to any of those questions is yes, you may be interested in “The Catalyst Debates”.  These debates won’t be in person, or even over video.  All you have to do is present the facts in a logical and civilized way.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Email me a topic.  This can be anything from foreign policy to abortion.  As long as it is relevant to politics, I will read and consider it.
  2. I will either say yes or no.  If I say yes, the person who emailed me the topic gets first pick on whether they want to take a side or not.  If they choose not to defend a viewpoint, I will make the topic public.  Once a topic is public, it is first come first served.  Whoever claims each viewpoint first will be the ones to debate.  This is a good reason to subscribe to The Catalyst, so you can be alerted the second a new post is released.
  3. Each participant will write one article defending their viewpoint.  These articles must be short (300-1,000 words) and must cite their sources.
  4. Once both participants have emailed me their final drafts, I will publish them here on The Catalyst (most likely on consecutive days).  It is then up to the readers to objectively read both sides of the argument and decide for themselves which view is more substantiated.  If rebuttals are needed, we will introduce those at a later date.

I currently have no topics or debates scheduled, so that is up to you.  If you have any ideas, email me at!  Leave any questions in the comments or email me at the above address.


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