Christian Teens and Gun Control

After laboring over the results of my gun control survey, I have concluded one thing: gun control is quite a divisive subject.  Even among Christian teenagers, this topic drew some significant lines.  In fact, it was more divisive than even the Donald Trump Survey!  So what exactly did I ask and what were the responses?  Well first, let’s look at some statistics,

“After a bloody August saw homicides climb to a 20-year high, a deadly Labor Day weekend sent Chicago’s 2016 homicides soaring past 500, surpassing total murders for 2015 with four months still left in the year.”

-Fox News

Even with such high homicide rates in major cities, like Chicago, suicide continues to be the larger cause of death.  CDC 2009 data on homicide vs suicide:

“In 2009, the age-adjusted suicide rate for the total population (11.8 per 100,000 population) was approximately twice as high as the age-adjusted homicide rate (5.5). Persons aged 18–24 years had the highest rate of homicide in 2009, whereas persons aged 45–54 years had the highest rate of suicide. The suicide rate was higher than the homicide rate among those aged ≥25 years, and this difference increased with age. For persons aged 25–44 years, the rate of suicide was nearly twice the rate of homicide, whereas for those aged ≥65 years, the rate of suicide was nearly seven times the homicide rate.”


The Survey

This survey consisted of nine questions (four for demographics, including name, and five for the actual topic).  Not every respondent answered every question, but most did.  Also, not all of the respondents were teenagers.  Some did not even identify as Christians, but the overwhelming majority of respondents were Christian teenagers.  Here are the basic demographics:


13-18: 96%

19-39: 4%


Political Identification:

Republican: 69%

Libertarian: 6%

Other: 24%



Yes: 98%

No: 2%

Now to the main section of the survey,

Do you support gun control?

Yes: 10%

No: 67%

In a way: 23%

Explain exactly what you believe about gun control and why (I had such a hard time limiting what to put here, which is great!!!):

“An Armed society is a polite society. There would be less chaos on the streets if everyone had a gun. While this sounds like a bad idea, if you walk into McDonalds and there is an attempted robbery, but everyone sitting in a stall has a weapon, or even 3-5 have weapons, this reduces the odds of a robbery in the first place. Same principle if school teachers were armed, churches carried. Sounds like wild wild west, but the principle is what is sound. Guns don’t kill people. People kill people. If you take away all the guns, bad people are going to find other ways to kill other people, and now all the good people have no method of defending themselves. Another thing that I believe is wrong about gun control is that if all the weapons are taken, both good and bad peoples’, doesn’t that give any higher authority the methods of sweeping in and creating a monopoly on the authorities?  Kinda like Hitler… But I digress, I am very much against gun control.”  -Jeremiah R


“I believe that we need it. Not necessarily to get rid of all guns, but make it a lot harder to get guns and have more screening and mental evaluations.” -Alexis R


“I believe that gun control is a bad idea. Bad people will break the law and get a gun anyway. But the good people won’t break the law and won’t have a gun. All it does is disarm the good population. Not to mention we need our ability to defend ourselves from a tyranny if one should arise.” -Joshua B


“The right to bear arms is in our constitution so people definitely should be able to own guns, but better background checks and stricter regulations would help when people are purchasing guns. There are some people that shouldn’t have guns because they are not mentally stable enough to be responsible with weapons, and I don’t think people with serious criminal records should have easy access to weapons. However, simply outlawing guns wouldn’t work. If someone wants to use a weapon for illegal purposes, they won’t care whether the weapon itself is legal. Therefore, if guns were restricted for anyone other than law enforcement officers, we would have helpless citizens with no form of self protection but the people who shouldn’t have guns would still have them.” -Olivia W


“For starters, isn’t murder already illegal? Isn’t stealing already illegal? Yes, but people still do it. Criminals will always find a way to obtain a firearm, even if that firearm is illegal. Gun control is just making law-abiding citizens unable to defend themselves and their family. Say a criminal is going to try to shoot 50+ people in a grocery store, but he finds out that all the people in that grocery store have a gun? He either won’t get far, or he won’t do it at all. Now, people say that you should be tested for mental stability before purchasing a firearm, this is wrong and I’ll explain why: you would have the government (who is against you owning a gun) test you to see if you can have one? Who’s to say they won’t lie? And now, why do I believe all of this? Because I believe in freedom, and I believe in the truth. None of this is true because I believe it, I believe it because it’s the truth.” -Cash M

Should fully automatic weapons be purchasable in the United States?

Yes: 41%

No: 27%

No Comment: 32%


Should background checks be required in order to purchase a firearm in the United States?

Yes: 77%

No: 23%

Why/why not?

“Felons or dangerous criminals should not be allowed to have guns.” -Briana S


“I can agree with background checks, it doesn’t make sense to sell guns to a convicted murderer (although either way I’m sure they’ll be able to find means to buy guns).” -Melody B


“Background checks cannot prevent crime and will not in the future. Requiring background checks is both impractical and unconstitutional.” -Isaac C


“Now, like I said before, guns shouldn’t be handed out for every bozo out there to get. So I do think it is illogical to not check if the guy trying to buy a gun has been in prison 3 times on murder charges.” -Nathan M


“Do I need a background check in order to have freedom of speech or the ability to vote or a trial by jury? Owning firearms is a Constitutional right which means no restrictions should be placed upon it.” -Gloria K

So there you have it.  I am thrilled with the thorough and intelligent answers I received from all sides of the issue, yet I am disappointed I couldn’t show them all off here.  So what do you think?  Are the results what you expected?  Do you agree with them?  Make sure to like, follow, and/or subscribe!  If you have a future survey idea or article you want me to read, e-mail me at!


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